Minutes of the 7th meeting of the ICFM

Minutes of the Seventh meeting of the International Commission on Food Mycology held at Ballen Badehotel, Ballen, Samsø, Denmark, 1715 hrs, Thursday October 16th, 2003

Present: John Pitt (Chair), Ailsa Hocking (Secretary), Rob Samson (Treasurer), Lloyd Bullerman, Marta Taniwaki, Tony Williams, Graham Fleet, Jens Frisvad, Johan Schnürer.

1.Apologies: Larry Beuchat, Tibor Deák, Monica Olsen, Ludwig Niessen, Maribeth Cousin, Ole Filtenborg, Bennie Viljoen.
2. Business arising from minutes of the Sixth meeting, held at IUMS in Sydney, August 19th, 1999:
It was decided that ICFM should have a website, which could be hosted on the CBS server. However, it would have much more impact (and be easier to find) if we have out own domain.www.foodmycology.orgas suggested by Rob (if available). There is a cost associated with this (not excessive ? $US50). Shawn Johnson and Tony Williams offered sponsorship from their respective companies. We could also seek sponsorship from media making companies such as Oxoid.
Rob offered to get the site up and running, but needs material. The site could include such things as:
aims, statutes, etc
links to relevant research organisations
links to training courses (would need to be kept up to date)
abstracts from Samsø meeting
picture gallery from Samsø meeting
Manual of Methods (as discussed during the workshop – Marta and John)
ICFM needs a LOGO! to go on the website, in the Manual of Methods booklet, and any other ICFM publications/activities. Commission members and others at the workshop to be encouraged to submit ideas to Ailsa, John or Rob.
2.2Manual of methods for food mycology. Marta will present her ideas later in the workshop, but it was agreed that this Manual would be ideal for the website also, possibly as a down-loadable pdf.
3.Workshop proceedings – editors, publication schedule. Ailsa tabled a contract from Kluwer Academic / Plenum Publishing, who have agreed to publish the proceedings with the tentative title “Advances in Food Mycology.” This will be part of a series that sells well into libraries, etc. The editors will be John Pitt, Ailsa, Hocking, Ulf Thrane and Rob Samson. Rob offered to produce the final pdf files for Kluwers. The book will be camera ready and is due to be delivered to the publishers by March 2004. All contributors to the workshop have been requested to provide manuscripts to John at the workshop. The contract allows for a complimentary copy to the first author of each chapter, as well as 3 copies per editor.
4.Future of ICFM. The difficulty of staging the current workshop, after a couple of false starts, prompted this agenda item.
Rob said that one function of ICFM was to provide input to the Mycology Division of IUMS at their congresses, not just workshops. Commission members agreed that it was difficult to get sponsors for workshops. This current workshop was small due partly to difficulty in obtaining funding, and also due to constraints of the venue. There was discussion that perhaps ICFM should be broadened to include mycotoxicologists, but the general consensus was that they are more heavily focussed on chemistry, and that the synergies were limited.
ICFM also needs to encourage use of appropriate methods in the tropics – there has been limited success in this in the past. Lack of suitable food mycology contacts in tropical countries?
IUMS 2005, San Francisco. Graham and Rob are keen for ICFM to provide ideas for a symposium at this Congress. Graham commented that he needed a symposium title and speakers soon, as he will be attending a planning meeting for IUMS in early November. We need to firm up a symposium title and list of potential speakers in the next few weeks!
5.Future meetings / workshops
It was agreed that we should hold the next ICFM workshop in Australia in 2006, in conjunction with the International Mycological Congress in Cairns in July (24-28). The workshop would probably be immediately before, or immediately after Cairns, and would preferably be held at a venue convenient to Sydney. The details of the workshop will be worked out in the forthcoming year – John, Ailsa and Graham will work on possible venues. All Commission members to provide input re theme and content of workshop. Two areas that were not covered in detail at the Samsø workshop were spoilage issues and molecular methods, both of which could attract some sponsorship support. We could also include more yeast papers.
6.Election of new Commission members. Ailsa received several nominations for new Commission members by email and further suggestions were tabled at the meeting. Three new members were elected: Dr Emilia Rico (BCN Laboratories, USA); Dr Naresh Magan (Cranfield University, UK) and Dr Ulf Thrane (Danish Technical University, Denmark). It was decided that some of the other people put forward as potential new Commission members should be invited to the next Workshop. These included Randy Clear (Canadian Grain Commission), Valerie Tournas (US FDA), Charlene Hall (Nth Dakota State U), and Italian mycotoxicologists / mycologists A. Visconti and Paola Battiliani (Catholic U Piacenza).
It was decided that the Secretary should write to Drs Larry Beuchat and Øle Filtenborg to ask them if they wished to continue as Commission members, requesting a response within 2 months. If no response was received it would be assumed that they no longer wished to continue as Commission members.
7.Election of office bearers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer). John Pitt indicated that he wished to retire as Chairman of the Commission. One Commission member had proposed Jens Frisvad as Chairman, but Jens declined. Ailsa Hocking was elected as Chairman, John Pitt (reluctantly) as Secretary, and Rob Samson was re-elected as Treasurer.
8. Any other business.
Tony raised the issue of ICFM entrée into Codex. It would be really useful to be able to influence food mycology decisions in Codex. John said that Australia has some representation in the system, and that we could potentially use ICMSF as a way of influencing Codex.
Rob thanked John as outgoing Chairman for all the work he had put into getting the Commission off the ground, and his persistence in keeping it going. These comments were endorsed by other Commission members.

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