Minutes of the 8th meeting of the ICFM

Minutes of the 8th meeting of the International Commission on Food Mycology held at Key West, Florida, on Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Meeting opened at 3:54 p.m., Chairman Ailsa Hocking presiding.

Present: Ailsa Hocking (Chair), John Pitt (Secretary), Rob Samson (Treasurer), Lloyd Bullerman, Jens Frisvad, Ludwig Niessen, Monica Olsen, Emilia Rico-Muñoz, Johan Schnürer, Marta Taniwaki and Ulf Thrane.

Apologies: Larry Beuchat, Maribeth Cousin, Graham Fleet, Tibor Deak, Benny Viljoen, Tony Williams.

Previous minutes.
The minutes of the previous informal meeting held in Cairns at IMC8 in August 2006, were received and accepted. Items of business arising were dealt with in the course of general business below.

General business
Website update. Rob Samson reported that the website is functioning well. It is available free on the CBS server – and thanks to funding from BCN Laboratories, updates can be made when necessary. Rob will soon have a key which will enable him to access the website from anywhere in the world as needed.
The possibility of a question and answer Forum on the website was discussed and was rejected. The principal grounds for rejection were that any response appearing on the website could be taken as official ICFM policy by companies and might lead to legal difficulties.
It was suggested that a list of frequently asked questions and answers would be a way of providing material in general terms to industry without a legal obligation. Commission members were requested to come forward with questions that they commonly encountered and the answers that they would provide, and to forward these to Rob.

Publication of workshop proceedings. Little enthusiasm was forthcoming for another book at this time. Rob pointed out that many organisations now required publications in refereed journals for impact. It was agreed that Ailsa should send out one more e-mail to see if Workshop or Symposium speakers would like to contribute to a special issue of International Journal of Food Microbiology.

Future meetings. IUMS is in Istanbul in August, 2008. Rob Samson reported that the program is mostly in place by this time. He has asked Angelo Visconti from Bari, Italy to organise a Mycotoxin Symposium, principally on Mediterranean mycotoxin problems. He thinks it is possible that David Miller may contribute, and he will look for involvement by our Turkish colleagues, Dilek Heparkan and Necla Aran.
Rob is looking at the possibility of a session on food mycology, with four or five speakers, two of whom would be invited, and the others selected from proffered papers – the usual IUMS system. Rob said that the Commission does not have to worry about this session, but ICFM will provide moral support, and this will fulfil our obligations.

Next workshop. Ludwig Niessen reported that he is happy to organise the next ICFM Workshop in Freising, Germany (near Munich). However, he was not aware that we were thinking of 2010 as the date, and he will have to discuss this with his department to see if there is a clear opportunity that year. It was agreed that 2011 or even 2012 would still be suitable years if necessary. Ludwig reported that he has good facilities for the meeting and accommodation in a heritage building, where rooms are only €65 – including full meals. The possibility of an Industry Symposium was discussed, but it was realised that this would have to be substantially in German for it to be successful. Both workshop and symposium would depend on some level of funding.

Office bearers
Chair Hocking declared all positions vacant. The following Commission members were nominated, seconded and elected for the coming period: Chair – Ailsa Hocking; Secretary – Monica Olsen; Vice-chairman – Rob Samson; Treasurer – Emilia Rico-Muñoz.

Commission membership
The Chair pointed out that some members have not contributed for quite a long time. Some discussion ensued as to whether their membership should be terminated or whether a letter should be sent to them enquiring after their wish to continue membership. It was agreed that Tibor Deak and Larry Beuchat would be terminated without any enquiry. It was also agreed that Benny Viljoen and Tony Williams would be written to by the Chair enquiring as to whether they wish to continue as Members of the Commission.
The following nominations were received as potential members: Rolf Geisen, Jos Houbraken, Javier Cabañes and Charlene Wolf-Hall. It was agreed that Geisen, Houbraken and Cabañes be elected to membership, and that Wolf-Hall would be invited to contribute to the next meeting.

Any other business
Vote of thanks. The meeting carried a big vote of thanks to Ailsa and Rob for preparing the programs for the Workshop and Symposium, and an especially big vote of thanks to Emilia Rico-Muñoz and Shawn Johnson for the excellent way they had carried out the local organisation. This was especially heart felt, as they had also provided the sponsorship we needed through their companies, BCN Research Laboratories and Universal Sanitizers and Supplies, which enabled us to have this meeting in Key West.

The meeting closed at 5:35 p.m.

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