Minutes of the 9th meeting of the ICFM

Minutes of the meeting of the International Commission on Food Mycology held at Freising, Germany, on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Meeting opened at 16.30 hrs, Chairman Ailsa Hocking presiding.

Present: Ailsa Hocking (Chair), Rob Samson (vice chair), Monica Olsen (Secretary), Emilia Rico-Muñoz (Treasurer), Lloyd Bullerman, Jens Frisvad, Ludwig Niessen, Marta Taniwaki, Naresh Magan, Ulf Thrane, Rolf Geisen Jos Houbraken, Javier Cabañes

Apologies: Johan Schnürer, Graham Fleet, (Maribeth Cousin, absent)

Previous minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting held at the ICFM workshop in Key West, Florida, on Tuesday, June 5th, 2007, were received and accepted.

Election of Commission members
The following Commission members were nominated, seconded and elected for the coming period: Chair – Ludwig Niessen; Secretary – Monica Olsen; Vice-chairman – Rob Samson; Treasurer – Emilia Rico-Muñoz. Among the absent members of the Commission, both Johan Schnürer and Graham Fleet are happy to stay in the Commission. Maribeth Cousin has retired and has not been possible to reach. The Commission interpret this as she will not continue in the Commission and Ailsa will send her a letter to thank her for her contribution in Commission. The Commission did not see a problem to increase the number of members and all the nominated were elected as members.

New commission members:
Dr Su-lin Leong (Australia/Sweden)
Dr Dojin Ryu (USA)
Dr Lisa Fredlund (Sweden)
Dr Giancarlo Perrone (Italy)
Dr Sofia Schulze (Argentina)

Website update
Rob Sam expressed his disappointment that very few of the members had responded to his call for input to the ICFM website. He wants all members to send him relevant stuff, such as new publications (with links to journal), coming meetings and other new things which may be of interest for the visitors. He also reminded that at the last meeting we decided to write FAQ that we encounter and which can be useful for our visitors. Rob urged us to do this now, and not to wait until the next meeting.

Future meetings
IMC9: Naresh Magan informed about the ICFM session on Food Mycology at IMC9 meeting in Edinburgh on August 1st 2010 and a draft program was distributed. There had been a lot of offers of oral presentations and the Commission decided to limit the amount of speakers to 12 to be able to give sufficient of time to each speaker. The program will be divided into different subjects such as molecular techniques, food production etc.

Next ICFM workshop: The Commission discussed several options for place and time for the next meeting, but concluded that Freising would be a very good choice for the next workshop in 2013 due to the logistics among other things. This place is very easy to reach, low cost for meeting room and housing, which means that it will be easy for students in Europe, who are in great number, to participate in the meeting. The new chair accepted this choice and informed us before the end of the workshop that the dates will be 3-5 June 2013.

Other potential meetings for ICFM input: Marta Tanawaki informed that the Latin American Congress on Foodwill take place in Iguazu Falls, Brazil, in Oct 2013. Translation between English, Portuguese and Spanish will be available. ICFM will look for the possibility of including an ICFM session during this meeting to push for food mycology .

There is also a need to push Food Mycology in Asia and several options were mentioned. In 2014 Thailand will have the IMC10 (Naresh Magan will be president) and the IUMS will have its meeting in Sapporo, Japan, in Sep 2011. The Commission decided to plan for a workshop in connection with IUMS in Japan and Rob Samson, with support of Marta Tanawaki, will plan this workshop. The theme could be food spoilage, preservative resistance and heat resistant moulds. Furthermore, Rob Samson addressed a possible involvement of the ICFM in the IUMS outreach program. This has been approved at the IUMS Executive Board meeting and together with the Indonesian Microbiological Society a workshop on food safety is planned in June 2011.

The Commission concluded that the theme of the workshops in Brazil and Asia could be more directed to Industry while the workshop in Freising would be more towards the Academic world.

The possibility of having additional sessions at the IMC10 and at an industry symposium held at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia in Jan 2012, suggest by Ludwig Niessen, will be further elaborated.

Other business
Sponsorship: Emilia Rico-Muñoz described a possible model for ICFM built on regular sustaining membership for companies. Such membership can also be divided in different scales (such as gold, silver… membership) depending on the level of support. In return the companies would not pay registrations fees for workshops and their logo on the web-site. The commission raised the point that we need to know more about such system since we don’t want to be, or look as that we are led by industry. A subcommittee was appointed consisting of Emilia Rico-Muñoz, Monica Olsen and Jos Houbraken to look into the possibility for such system in ICFM.

ICFM role in raising profile of food mycology: Monica introduced by describing the general view that there is a decreased understanding for the importance of food mycology among decision-makers. The Commission agreed and discussed options to push food mycology further. It was agreed that Rob Samson together with Ailsa Hocking and John Pitt will produce a new flashy flyer about ICFM. This flyer should also be available as pdf-file on our web-page so that anyone going for a meeting can print copies to bring. Furthermore, it was also mentioned that the new format for the ICFM workshop, inviting a broader audience, will also support this task.

Commemorative words: John Pitt recalled that Tony Williams has passed away. Tony was an esteemed member of the Committee, not only for his valuable work, but also for his optimism and cheerfulness.
Meeting closed: 17:45 hrs

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