Minutes of the 11th meeting of the ICFM, June 14 2016

  1. Opening of 11th Commission meeting

Present: Ludwig Niessen (chair), Rob Samson (vice chair), Javier Cabañes, Sofia Chulze, Jens Frisvad, Rolf Geisen, Jos Houbraken, Su-lin Leong, Naresh Magan, Giancarlo Perrone, Emilia Rico-Munoz (Treasurer), Dojin Ryu, Marta Taniwaki

  1. Apologies were received from Elisabeth Fredlund & Ulf Thrane
    • Commission Members – Elisabeth Fredlund has resigned due to duties taking her away from food mycology.
    • Acceptance of previous minutes – agreed
  2. Change of statutes / New members. The current statutes state ‘Membership shall be limited to 15 persons’. Two alternative changes were proposed: ‘…limited to 16 persons’ (proposed by Rob), or ‘…up to 20 persons’ (proposed by Naresh). A majority voted that the statutes be changed to ‘Membership shall be up to 20 persons’.

Voted to invite Feng Yang Bai, Emmanuel Coton, and Endang Rahayu to join the Commission.

  1. Update on the Freising meeting 2016
  • Increase in number of participants (61 registered with 2 cancellations, from 22 countries) compared with the 2013 meeting (50 participants from 14 countries).
  • 70% more posters were presented. The number of oral presentations was about the same as in 2013, as this is limited by the time available.
  • More industry participants than last time.
  • We were able to avoid penalty payments for accommodation, due to having earlier deadlines for registration.
  1. Past conferences with ICFM involvement
  • Latin American Congress on Mycotoxicology 2013, Argentina (Sofia)
  • IUMS Montreal 2014, breakout session
  • ICM 2014, Bangkok (Rob, Food Mycology)
  • 12th Latin American congress 2014, Iguazu (Marta)
  • Latin American Fusarium workshop 2014 (Sofia)
  • IUMS Outreach, Yogyakarta 2014 (Endang and Rob)
  • IAFP 2015, Portland (Emilia). Well-attended by industry participants.
  1. Business arising from minutes of the meeting held in Freising, 4th June, 2013
    • Advertising ICFM meeting in Food Industry journals. Sofia passed on the information to a journal in Latin America, but is not sure if it published. We are all encouraged to do what we can to raise the profile of ICFM. Action: Sofia to write a report for Argentinean Society for Microbiology bulletin. All – contact the learned societies of which we are members, to add the ICFM activities to their calendar of events.
    • The FAQ section for the website was discussed, and although there are some questions that would be useful to answer, e.g. “What is food mycology?” “Can I use Sabourauds agar?”, it was decided that for the moment this information can be made available in other ways. Information on food mycological methods available in books. Action: Rob to put used methods from the books onto the ICFM website. Other information to consider for the website in future are: a Glossary of important terms (e.g. fungal infection, not infestation); a Table of which anamorph/teleomorph names take precedence for species relevant to food mycology. Giancarlo is a guest editor for the food mycology issue of Current Opinion in Food Science in 2017. Action: Su-lin to write an overview article titled ‘The importance of food mycology’ for that issue, listing some key books and recent articles. Contributions from other Commission members are also welcome. Publication of food mycology methods in a journal where they can be available open access was also discussed.
    • ICFM flyer is printed by a company in Potsdam. It was distributed at IAFP meeting. Not sure how effective flyers currently are, as Social media is now possibly a more important means of getting information out (Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc). Action: Rob and Emilia to explore if LinkedIn is a useful channel for spreading information about ICFM events.
    • Sponsorship for the 2016 meeting was generously provided by BCN labs, and IUMS. For future meetings, we can apply to learned societies to sponsor the costs for guest speakers. Action: Naresh can explore funding opportunities from UK societies.
    • The ICFM website was hosted on CBS server, but has now migrated to new server. Rob been solely responsible for the website, which IUMS has commended for its quality and usefulness in conveying information. Joomla software is currently used for the website. 2-3 persons are needed to help Rob, to whom he can eventually handover responsibility. Action: Jos and Giancarlo to help Rob with the necessary changes and updates to the website. Jens to coordinate collecting links to important publications in food mycology which can be listed on the website (updated quarterly).
    • Young scientists from developing countries – no spontaneous applications were received to attend the 2016 workshop. For the 2019 meeting, we agreed to offer partial bursaries for up to five PhD students (not masters, or undergraduates) from low to middle income countries, who should apply to ICFM with an abstract of their proposed presentation. The bursary covers accommodation and food, but students are responsible for organising their own travel support.
    • Compendium of Methods – see 6.2.
  2. Discussion of Commission and Statutes
    • Amendments to Statutes. Note that the Mycology Division of IUMS has changed name to the Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology Division (MEM). This change should be reflected in the ICFM statutes. Action: Naresh and Rob to review the statutes, and see which points need updating. Proposed changes will be circulated and approved by members electronically. Discussed that sub-committees within ICFM could be a useful form for delegating tasks and achieving specific goals.
    • Continuing / new members – All current members are happy to continue on the Commission. New members were discussed in 2.
  3. Future meetings with ICFM involvement. Please report these opportunities to Ludwig.
  • IUMS 17-21 July 2017 Singapore. Topic: Food Mycology and Mycotoxins in South East Asia symposium. Action: Rob to propose to the IUMS organising committee.
  • IUMS Outreach in Yogyakarta. January 2017.
  • IAFP Tampa 9-12 July 2017.
  • Latin American Congress on Mycotoxicology, Mexico 2017
  • A Myco Key conference could include a session on food mycology related to mycotoxins. Action: Giancarlo to ask Antonio Logrieco. [Further details from a follow-up email – Myco Key EUROPE conference ‘MycoKey: a new approach for mycotoxin management’ will be co-organized by CNR and UGENT in Ghent, Belgium, end of September/October 2017.]
  1. Next ICFM workshop in 2019. The current venue will be under renovation in 2019. Discussed that Freising is centrally located with good flight connections from most parts of the world to Munich, and is relatively inexpensive. Easy for students to attend. Rob and Ludwig have a template to organise the meeting here in Freising. Different venues were presented, and it was decided to book the venue-option where we hire the complete facility with accommodation and meeting rooms for our own use. Proposed dates Mon 3-Wed 5 June, 2019. Su-lin proposed a pre-workshop session for interested participants on ‘Teaching food mycology’, to be organised with Laura Ramirez and Angel Medina.
  2. Any other business
    • The ICFM Budget was presented, and the Commission is in a good position financially.
    • Sofia and Marta described their industry contacts, for whom they run consultancy, training and workshops in food mycology. This is also a way to promote ICFM, and using the ICFM logo in connection with such events is supported.
    • Discussed if the Commission should be ‘…for Food Mycology’ (focus on service of the discipline) vs ‘…on Food Mycology’ (focus on leadership, expert body). Agreed that the correct name is the International Commission on Food Mycology.

The meeting finished at 19:10.

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