ICFM (6)

  1. Opening of 11th Commission meeting

Present: Ludwig Niessen (chair), Rob Samson (vice chair), Javier Cabañes, Sofia Chulze, Jens Frisvad, Rolf Geisen, Jos Houbraken, Su-lin Leong, Naresh Magan, Giancarlo Perrone, Emilia Rico-Munoz (Treasurer), Dojin Ryu, Marta Taniwaki

  1. Apologies were received from Elisabeth Fredlund & Ulf Thrane
    • Commission Members – Elisabeth Fredlund has resigned due to duties taking her away from food mycology.
    • Acceptance of previous minutes – agreed
  2. Change of statutes / New members. The current statutes state ‘Membership shall be limited to 15 persons’. Two alternative changes were proposed: ‘…limited to 16 persons’ (proposed by Rob), or ‘…up to 20 persons’ (proposed by Naresh). A majority voted that the statutes be changed to ‘Membership shall be up to 20 persons’.

Voted to invite Feng Yang Bai, Emmanuel Coton, and Endang Rahayu to join the Commission.

  1. Update on the Freising meeting 2016
  • Increase in number of participants (61 registered with 2 cancellations, from 22 countries) compared with the 2013 meeting (50 participants from 14 countries).
  • 70% more posters were presented. The number of oral presentations was about the same as in 2013, as this is limited by the time available.
  • More industry participants than last time.
  • We were able to avoid penalty payments for accommodation, due to having earlier deadlines for registration.
  1. Past conferences with ICFM involvement
  • Latin American Congress on Mycotoxicology 2013, Argentina (Sofia)
  • IUMS Montreal 2014, breakout session
  • ICM 2014, Bangkok (Rob, Food Mycology)
  • 12th Latin American congress 2014, Iguazu (Marta)
  • Latin American Fusarium workshop 2014 (Sofia)
  • IUMS Outreach, Yogyakarta 2014 (Endang and Rob)
  • IAFP 2015, Portland (Emilia). Well-attended by industry participants.
  1. Business arising from minutes of the meeting held in Freising, 4th June, 2013
    • Advertising ICFM meeting in Food Industry journals. Sofia passed on the information to a journal in Latin America, but is not sure if it published. We are all encouraged to do what we can to raise the profile of ICFM. Action: Sofia to write a report for Argentinean Society for Microbiology bulletin. All – contact the learned societies of which we are members, to add the ICFM activities to their calendar of events.
    • The FAQ section for the website was discussed, and although there are some questions that would be useful to answer, e.g. “What is food mycology?” “Can I use Sabourauds agar?”, it was decided that for the moment this information can be made available in other ways. Information on food mycological methods available in books. Action: Rob to put used methods from the books onto the ICFM website. Other information to consider for the website in future are: a Glossary of important terms (e.g. fungal infection, not infestation); a Table of which anamorph/teleomorph names take precedence for species relevant to food mycology. Giancarlo is a guest editor for the food mycology issue of Current Opinion in Food Science in 2017. Action: Su-lin to write an overview article titled ‘The importance of food mycology’ for that issue, listing some key books and recent articles. Contributions from other Commission members are also welcome. Publication of food mycology methods in a journal where they can be available open access was also discussed.
    • ICFM flyer is printed by a company in Potsdam. It was distributed at IAFP meeting. Not sure how effective flyers currently are, as Social media is now possibly a more important means of getting information out (Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc). Action: Rob and Emilia to explore if LinkedIn is a useful channel for spreading information about ICFM events.
    • Sponsorship for the 2016 meeting was generously provided by BCN labs, and IUMS. For future meetings, we can apply to learned societies to sponsor the costs for guest speakers. Action: Naresh can explore funding opportunities from UK societies.
    • The ICFM website was hosted on CBS server, but has now migrated to new server. Rob been solely responsible for the website, which IUMS has commended for its quality and usefulness in conveying information. Joomla software is currently used for the website. 2-3 persons are needed to help Rob, to whom he can eventually handover responsibility. Action: Jos and Giancarlo to help Rob with the necessary changes and updates to the website. Jens to coordinate collecting links to important publications in food mycology which can be listed on the website (updated quarterly).
    • Young scientists from developing countries – no spontaneous applications were received to attend the 2016 workshop. For the 2019 meeting, we agreed to offer partial bursaries for up to five PhD students (not masters, or undergraduates) from low to middle income countries, who should apply to ICFM with an abstract of their proposed presentation. The bursary covers accommodation and food, but students are responsible for organising their own travel support.
    • Compendium of Methods – see 6.2.
  2. Discussion of Commission and Statutes
    • Amendments to Statutes. Note that the Mycology Division of IUMS has changed name to the Mycology and Eukaryotic Microbiology Division (MEM). This change should be reflected in the ICFM statutes. Action: Naresh and Rob to review the statutes, and see which points need updating. Proposed changes will be circulated and approved by members electronically. Discussed that sub-committees within ICFM could be a useful form for delegating tasks and achieving specific goals.
    • Continuing / new members – All current members are happy to continue on the Commission. New members were discussed in 2.
  3. Future meetings with ICFM involvement. Please report these opportunities to Ludwig.
  • IUMS 17-21 July 2017 Singapore. Topic: Food Mycology and Mycotoxins in South East Asia symposium. Action: Rob to propose to the IUMS organising committee.
  • IUMS Outreach in Yogyakarta. January 2017.
  • IAFP Tampa 9-12 July 2017.
  • Latin American Congress on Mycotoxicology, Mexico 2017
  • A Myco Key conference could include a session on food mycology related to mycotoxins. Action: Giancarlo to ask Antonio Logrieco. [Further details from a follow-up email – Myco Key EUROPE conference ‘MycoKey: a new approach for mycotoxin management’ will be co-organized by CNR and UGENT in Ghent, Belgium, end of September/October 2017.]
  1. Next ICFM workshop in 2019. The current venue will be under renovation in 2019. Discussed that Freising is centrally located with good flight connections from most parts of the world to Munich, and is relatively inexpensive. Easy for students to attend. Rob and Ludwig have a template to organise the meeting here in Freising. Different venues were presented, and it was decided to book the venue-option where we hire the complete facility with accommodation and meeting rooms for our own use. Proposed dates Mon 3-Wed 5 June, 2019. Su-lin proposed a pre-workshop session for interested participants on ‘Teaching food mycology’, to be organised with Laura Ramirez and Angel Medina.
  2. Any other business
    • The ICFM Budget was presented, and the Commission is in a good position financially.
    • Sofia and Marta described their industry contacts, for whom they run consultancy, training and workshops in food mycology. This is also a way to promote ICFM, and using the ICFM logo in connection with such events is supported.
    • Discussed if the Commission should be ‘…for Food Mycology’ (focus on service of the discipline) vs ‘…on Food Mycology’ (focus on leadership, expert body). Agreed that the correct name is the International Commission on Food Mycology.

The meeting finished at 19:10.

Monday, 01 February 2016 11:31

Minutes of the 10th meeting of the ICFM

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Minutes of the meeting of the International Commission on Food Mycology held at Freising, Germany, on  Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

1a. Meeting opened at 17:10, chairman Ludwig Niessen presiding.

Present: Ludwig Niessen (chair), Rob Samson (vice chair), Lloyd Bullerman, Javier Cabañes, Sofia Chulze, Lisa Fredlund, Jens Frisvad, Rolf Geisen, Jos Houbraken, Su-lin Leong, Naresh Magan, Giancarlo Perrone, Emilia Rico-Munoz (Treasurer), Dojin Ryu, Marta Taniwaki, Ulf Thrane

Apologies: Graham Fleet, Monica Olsen, Ailsa Hocking, John Pitt, Johan Schnürer.

1b. Previous minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting held at the ICFM workshop in Freising on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010, have been circulated, and amended after receiving comments. The final version was received and accepted.

2a. Election of new secretary

Before the meeting, Monica Olsen had indicated that she will resign as secretary. Su-lin Leong was elected to the post.

2b. Commission membership

Lloyd Bullerman, Graham Fleet, Ailsa Hocking, and John Pitt indicated that they will retire from Commission.

2c. Passing of Tibor Deák, March 2013

Tibor Deák was a long-standing member of ICFM, who made significant contributions to food microbiology, in particular, yeast research.

3. Update of the Freising meeting 2013

The venue at Kardinal Döpfner Haus is good, economical, and the finances of ICFM are in a good state. Three applicants who had registered (but not sent payment) cancelled at last moment, leaving ICFM to cover payment for their rooms. To avoid this situation at the next meeting, we will set the deadline for registration (incl. payment) before the abstract deadline.

Rob Samson and Ludwig Niessen commented that everything was well organized and ran smoothly. 10% more participants attended compared to the 2010 meeting (about 55 people total), and more posters were presented. The small size of conference is an advantage, especially for students to chat more with others over meals, etc.

Members agreed that it is a nice venue, and that the programme was good, with many talks on cutting edge topics in Food Mycology. The poster session was good, and this kind of small meeting is important for students who are the future of food mycology.

There was a discussion about meeting every 2 years instead of 3 years. Given that ICFM also organises symposia/workshops in conjunction with larger meetings in between our ‘own’ workshops, it was decided that the current time-frame of every 3 years is appropriate.

No industry participants attended this meeting, despite encouragement among contacts. The next meeting in 2016 will be advertised in Food Industry journals. Action: Sofia Chulze (Latin America), Naresh Magan (UK), Emilia Rico-Muñoz (USA)

The programme was discussed, if topics should be steered by calling for presentations within certain areas, or topics should be decided based on the abstracts offered. If we will be advertising the workshop to attract participation from industry, then general topics of relevance to industry should be included in the programme.

Decided that feedback and evaluation from current participants would be sought; at the end of the workshop, a survey was distributed and Ludwig Niessen will collate the results.

4. Business arising from minutes of the meeting held in Freising, 8thJune, 2010

4.1 List of FAQ for the website as suggested in previous meetings has not yet been compiled, e.g. what is DG18, how do you detect HRM, etc.

Action: Jos Houbraken, Lisa Fredlund, Emilia Rico-Muñozto write questions, suggested answers, and circulate to members before uploading to the website.

4.2 Sponsorship: Emilia Rico-Muñoz reported on setting up the sponsorship system with the form on the website; some feedback from companies was that the highest level should be changed from diamond to platinum. Giancarlo Perrone reported that International Society for Mycotoxicology had been very successful in getting sponsors for the last Mycored meeting, however that meeting had more participants (300+) than our ICFM workshop. This current meeting received sponsorship from four companies contacted via Emilia (BCN labs, Universal Sanitizers and Supplies, PepsiCo and Fiji Waters), and from IUMS.

4.2 ICFM flyer for distribution at meetings and conferences, plus to be available in digital form on the website. Rob Samson prepared a draft after the previous meeting, but did not receive feedback on it. Action: Rob Samson to send the draft flyer to Giancarlo Perrone and Dojin Ryu for input. Action – ALL, take flyers to distribute at meetings and conferences.

4.3 Ludwig Niessen reported that the potential industry symposium to be held at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia 2012 was cancelled, as the contact person there had moved.

5. ICFM commission and statutes

The Statutes were circulated and discussed, in particular, the current statute that the maximum number of members is 15; from 2010-2013, 20 members were listed.

It was proposed by Rob that members who are not active within 2-3 years can be said to have forfeited their membership; provision for this is already made in the statutes (No 3).

Action: Naresh Magan to assess if the statutes require updating, and to suggest wording of potential changes.

This led to a broader discussion regarding membership of the Commission. Wider representation of countries is needed, especially from Asia. A number of potential candidates for membership were discussed from Indonesia, China, Japan and Canada. Ludwig Niessen will compile a list of potential candidates, which current members will vote on. Action: Send contact details and information of potential candidates to Ludwig Niessen.

Johan Schnürer and Monica Olsen had sent apologies, and it was noted that their current duties take them away from the field of food mycology. Both had indicated a willingness to either continue, or to resign for the Commission in order to make place for new members. Action: Ludwig Niessen to thank Johan and Monica for their contribution.

6. ICFM Website

Rob Samson would like more content for the ICFM website. For example, information on Workshops, congresses, courses, books published, etc. Significant publications in the field of food mycology can be highlighted, both those written by members and by others. Articles can be linked by doi, or the pdf can be upload (if open access). Nice pictures can be incorporated into the slideshow. Rob will email a username and password to all members, so that they can edit and update relevant pages on the website, e.g. literature, methodology, notice of workshops.

Action: ALL. Please link to ICFM website from own websites. Update with articles and news, as above.

Action: Javier Cabañes and Jens Frisvad to add articles and updates to the website.

The website will remain on the CBS server (€29 per year).

7. Future meetings with ICFM involvemen

7.1      International Mycological Congress, Thailand 2014. Naresh Magan reported that he and Rob Samson have requested a Food Mycology session in the programme, but this is not yet confirmed. Proposed to have a similar format to that at IMC Edinburgh 2010 (half-day), with two or three keynote speakers, plus shorter presentations from students. A whole-day programme is a possibility, with topics spanning Food Mycology, Mycotoxins, and Food Fermentation.

7.2      ICFM food mycology session at XIV. International Congress of Mycology, IUMS, Montreal 2014. Ludwig Niessen reported Mycology + parasitology will be combined at this congress. Suggestions have been received for keynote presentations, and there will be a focus on interactions between eukaroyotes and prokaryotes, eg. biofilms. ICFM has proposed a symposium.

7.3      Latin American Microbiological Congress, Iguazu Falls, Brazil, 12-15 October 2014. Marta Taniwaki reported that there will be 2 days on Food Mycology in association with the Congress. The Congress is expected to attract 600+ people, with an emphasis on Food Safety. ICMSF will be present, and ICFM could possibly organise some joint sessions with them. This is a good opportunity to promote Food Mycology in Latin America, and members are encouraged to attend if possible (support available for accommodation).

7.4      Latin American Fusarium workshop, Argentina August 2014 (S. Chulze).

7.5      VII. Latin American Congress on Mycotoxicology, Cordoba, Argentina December 2013 (S. Chulze). Organised every 3 years. The need for key reference texts was discussed, possible distribution in pdf form. Sofia welcomes participation from members, to support Latin American colleagues (support available for accommodation).

7.6      Potential Meetings for ICFM input. Emilia Rico-Muñoz suggested that it would be strategic for ICFM to have a presence at IAFP 2015 in USA.

7.7      Rob Samson proposed that ICFM, together with Comcofs Bacteriology conduct a Food Safety Outreach programme in Yogyakarta, 2.5 days, possibly Spring 2014. A similar programme previously organised in Bali was much appreciated by the participants, with requests that it be repeated in Malaysia, Thailand, and in Yogyakarta (contact person Endang Rahayu). The programme was supported with funds from the ICFM budget, as well as receiving funding from IUMS. Giancarlo Perrone suggested that ISM could also be involved. It was agreed that such activities are worthwhile for ICFM to organise and support. Action: contact Rob if interested in participating.

7.8      Next ICFM workshop. Ludwig Niessen and Rob Samson volunteered to organise it here in Freising, 2.5 days in the middle of June 2016 (to minimise clashes with exams). At the end of the workshop, current participants were called to express preferences for dates, which were then set as 13-15 June, 2016.

8.Any other business

8.1      Sponsoring: It is hoped that increased participation and interest in the next ICFM meeting from industry (via advertising in industry journals, etc) will lead to increased opportunities to seek sponsoring.

8.2      Promotion of young scientists from developing countries for attendance next workshop. It was decided to offer assistance grants for four PhD students from developing countries to attend the next ICFM meeting in 2016. The grant will comprise waiver of the registration fee, i.e. ICFM will cover the cost of accommodation, but students must organise their own travel. These grants will be announced with the next workshop, and also on the website. Students should send in their abstracts in advance of the normal deadline, and will be selected based on their abstract.

8.3      A financial overview was presented by Rob Samson; the ICFM funds are kept in a CBS account and it was decided to continue with this. The finances are balanced.

8.4      Discussion about promoting the recommended media and methods for food mycology, e.g. increasing the visibility of the methods section on the ICFM website. Ulf Thrane suggested that a summary of recommended fungal methods be submitted for publication in a journal. Emilia Rico-Muñoz suggested that ICFM prepare a ‘Compendium of Methods for the Mycological Examination of Foods and Beverages’, which could also be sold by ICFM. Ludwig Niessen noted that such a publication should clearly state that these are ‘recommended methods’, and are not legally binding. The publication should include molecular methods for fungal identification, especially recommendations about not relying on ITS sequencing to identify common foodborne Penicillium species. Discussion about if it should be in printed or digital format or both; suggested that users can pay per download for individual chapters, rather than buying the whole book. Copyright, printing and tax issues will need to be discussed further. The Compendium could also be translated into different languages (Spanish, Portuguese initially), and sold at various workshops where ICFM members are involved. Action: Su-lin Leong to coordinate compiling methods from pre-existing texts.

8.5      Ludwig Niessen thanked Lloyd Bullerman for being on the ICFM for all these years, and welcomed Lloyd to continue participating and being interested in ICFM activities.

The meeting ended at 19:00.

Monday, 01 February 2016 11:26

Minutes of the 9th meeting of the ICFM

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Minutes of the meeting of the International Commission on Food Mycology held at Freising, Germany, on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Meeting opened at 16.30 hrs, Chairman Ailsa Hocking presiding.

Present: Ailsa Hocking (Chair), Rob Samson (vice chair), Monica Olsen (Secretary), Emilia Rico-Muñoz (Treasurer), Lloyd Bullerman, Jens Frisvad, Ludwig Niessen, Marta Taniwaki, Naresh Magan, Ulf Thrane, Rolf Geisen Jos Houbraken, Javier Cabañes

Apologies: Johan Schnürer, Graham Fleet, (Maribeth Cousin, absent)

Previous minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting held at the ICFM workshop in Key West, Florida, on Tuesday, June 5th, 2007, were received and accepted.

Election of Commission members
The following Commission members were nominated, seconded and elected for the coming period: Chair – Ludwig Niessen; Secretary – Monica Olsen; Vice-chairman – Rob Samson; Treasurer – Emilia Rico-Muñoz. Among the absent members of the Commission, both Johan Schnürer and Graham Fleet are happy to stay in the Commission. Maribeth Cousin has retired and has not been possible to reach. The Commission interpret this as she will not continue in the Commission and Ailsa will send her a letter to thank her for her contribution in Commission. The Commission did not see a problem to increase the number of members and all the nominated were elected as members.

New commission members:
Dr Su-lin Leong (Australia/Sweden)
Dr Dojin Ryu (USA)
Dr Lisa Fredlund (Sweden)
Dr Giancarlo Perrone (Italy)
Dr Sofia Schulze (Argentina)

Website update
Rob Sam expressed his disappointment that very few of the members had responded to his call for input to the ICFM website. He wants all members to send him relevant stuff, such as new publications (with links to journal), coming meetings and other new things which may be of interest for the visitors. He also reminded that at the last meeting we decided to write FAQ that we encounter and which can be useful for our visitors. Rob urged us to do this now, and not to wait until the next meeting.

Future meetings
IMC9: Naresh Magan informed about the ICFM session on Food Mycology at IMC9 meeting in Edinburgh on August 1st 2010 and a draft program was distributed. There had been a lot of offers of oral presentations and the Commission decided to limit the amount of speakers to 12 to be able to give sufficient of time to each speaker. The program will be divided into different subjects such as molecular techniques, food production etc.

Next ICFM workshop: The Commission discussed several options for place and time for the next meeting, but concluded that Freising would be a very good choice for the next workshop in 2013 due to the logistics among other things. This place is very easy to reach, low cost for meeting room and housing, which means that it will be easy for students in Europe, who are in great number, to participate in the meeting. The new chair accepted this choice and informed us before the end of the workshop that the dates will be 3-5 June 2013.

Other potential meetings for ICFM input: Marta Tanawaki informed that the Latin American Congress on Foodwill take place in Iguazu Falls, Brazil, in Oct 2013. Translation between English, Portuguese and Spanish will be available. ICFM will look for the possibility of including an ICFM session during this meeting to push for food mycology .

There is also a need to push Food Mycology in Asia and several options were mentioned. In 2014 Thailand will have the IMC10 (Naresh Magan will be president) and the IUMS will have its meeting in Sapporo, Japan, in Sep 2011. The Commission decided to plan for a workshop in connection with IUMS in Japan and Rob Samson, with support of Marta Tanawaki, will plan this workshop. The theme could be food spoilage, preservative resistance and heat resistant moulds. Furthermore, Rob Samson addressed a possible involvement of the ICFM in the IUMS outreach program. This has been approved at the IUMS Executive Board meeting and together with the Indonesian Microbiological Society a workshop on food safety is planned in June 2011.

The Commission concluded that the theme of the workshops in Brazil and Asia could be more directed to Industry while the workshop in Freising would be more towards the Academic world.

The possibility of having additional sessions at the IMC10 and at an industry symposium held at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia in Jan 2012, suggest by Ludwig Niessen, will be further elaborated.

Other business
Sponsorship: Emilia Rico-Muñoz described a possible model for ICFM built on regular sustaining membership for companies. Such membership can also be divided in different scales (such as gold, silver… membership) depending on the level of support. In return the companies would not pay registrations fees for workshops and their logo on the web-site. The commission raised the point that we need to know more about such system since we don’t want to be, or look as that we are led by industry. A subcommittee was appointed consisting of Emilia Rico-Muñoz, Monica Olsen and Jos Houbraken to look into the possibility for such system in ICFM.

ICFM role in raising profile of food mycology: Monica introduced by describing the general view that there is a decreased understanding for the importance of food mycology among decision-makers. The Commission agreed and discussed options to push food mycology further. It was agreed that Rob Samson together with Ailsa Hocking and John Pitt will produce a new flashy flyer about ICFM. This flyer should also be available as pdf-file on our web-page so that anyone going for a meeting can print copies to bring. Furthermore, it was also mentioned that the new format for the ICFM workshop, inviting a broader audience, will also support this task.

Commemorative words: John Pitt recalled that Tony Williams has passed away. Tony was an esteemed member of the Committee, not only for his valuable work, but also for his optimism and cheerfulness.
Meeting closed: 17:45 hrs

Monday, 01 February 2016 11:25

Minutes of the 8th meeting of the ICFM

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Minutes of the 8th meeting of the International Commission on Food Mycology held at Key West, Florida, on Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Meeting opened at 3:54 p.m., Chairman Ailsa Hocking presiding.

Present: Ailsa Hocking (Chair), John Pitt (Secretary), Rob Samson (Treasurer), Lloyd Bullerman, Jens Frisvad, Ludwig Niessen, Monica Olsen, Emilia Rico-Muñoz, Johan Schnürer, Marta Taniwaki and Ulf Thrane.

Apologies: Larry Beuchat, Maribeth Cousin, Graham Fleet, Tibor Deak, Benny Viljoen, Tony Williams.

Previous minutes.
The minutes of the previous informal meeting held in Cairns at IMC8 in August 2006, were received and accepted. Items of business arising were dealt with in the course of general business below.

General business
Website update. Rob Samson reported that the website is functioning well. It is available free on the CBS server – and thanks to funding from BCN Laboratories, updates can be made when necessary. Rob will soon have a key which will enable him to access the website from anywhere in the world as needed.
The possibility of a question and answer Forum on the website was discussed and was rejected. The principal grounds for rejection were that any response appearing on the website could be taken as official ICFM policy by companies and might lead to legal difficulties.
It was suggested that a list of frequently asked questions and answers would be a way of providing material in general terms to industry without a legal obligation. Commission members were requested to come forward with questions that they commonly encountered and the answers that they would provide, and to forward these to Rob.

Publication of workshop proceedings. Little enthusiasm was forthcoming for another book at this time. Rob pointed out that many organisations now required publications in refereed journals for impact. It was agreed that Ailsa should send out one more e-mail to see if Workshop or Symposium speakers would like to contribute to a special issue of International Journal of Food Microbiology.

Future meetings. IUMS is in Istanbul in August, 2008. Rob Samson reported that the program is mostly in place by this time. He has asked Angelo Visconti from Bari, Italy to organise a Mycotoxin Symposium, principally on Mediterranean mycotoxin problems. He thinks it is possible that David Miller may contribute, and he will look for involvement by our Turkish colleagues, Dilek Heparkan and Necla Aran.
Rob is looking at the possibility of a session on food mycology, with four or five speakers, two of whom would be invited, and the others selected from proffered papers – the usual IUMS system. Rob said that the Commission does not have to worry about this session, but ICFM will provide moral support, and this will fulfil our obligations.

Next workshop. Ludwig Niessen reported that he is happy to organise the next ICFM Workshop in Freising, Germany (near Munich). However, he was not aware that we were thinking of 2010 as the date, and he will have to discuss this with his department to see if there is a clear opportunity that year. It was agreed that 2011 or even 2012 would still be suitable years if necessary. Ludwig reported that he has good facilities for the meeting and accommodation in a heritage building, where rooms are only €65 – including full meals. The possibility of an Industry Symposium was discussed, but it was realised that this would have to be substantially in German for it to be successful. Both workshop and symposium would depend on some level of funding.

Office bearers
Chair Hocking declared all positions vacant. The following Commission members were nominated, seconded and elected for the coming period: Chair – Ailsa Hocking; Secretary – Monica Olsen; Vice-chairman – Rob Samson; Treasurer – Emilia Rico-Muñoz.

Commission membership
The Chair pointed out that some members have not contributed for quite a long time. Some discussion ensued as to whether their membership should be terminated or whether a letter should be sent to them enquiring after their wish to continue membership. It was agreed that Tibor Deak and Larry Beuchat would be terminated without any enquiry. It was also agreed that Benny Viljoen and Tony Williams would be written to by the Chair enquiring as to whether they wish to continue as Members of the Commission.
The following nominations were received as potential members: Rolf Geisen, Jos Houbraken, Javier Cabañes and Charlene Wolf-Hall. It was agreed that Geisen, Houbraken and Cabañes be elected to membership, and that Wolf-Hall would be invited to contribute to the next meeting.

Any other business
Vote of thanks. The meeting carried a big vote of thanks to Ailsa and Rob for preparing the programs for the Workshop and Symposium, and an especially big vote of thanks to Emilia Rico-Muñoz and Shawn Johnson for the excellent way they had carried out the local organisation. This was especially heart felt, as they had also provided the sponsorship we needed through their companies, BCN Research Laboratories and Universal Sanitizers and Supplies, which enabled us to have this meeting in Key West.

The meeting closed at 5:35 p.m.

Monday, 01 February 2016 11:24

Minutes of the 7th meeting of the ICFM

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Minutes of the Seventh meeting of the International Commission on Food Mycology held at Ballen Badehotel, Ballen, Samsø, Denmark, 1715 hrs, Thursday October 16th, 2003

Present: John Pitt (Chair), Ailsa Hocking (Secretary), Rob Samson (Treasurer), Lloyd Bullerman, Marta Taniwaki, Tony Williams, Graham Fleet, Jens Frisvad, Johan Schnürer.

1.Apologies: Larry Beuchat, Tibor Deák, Monica Olsen, Ludwig Niessen, Maribeth Cousin, Ole Filtenborg, Bennie Viljoen.
2. Business arising from minutes of the Sixth meeting, held at IUMS in Sydney, August 19th, 1999:
It was decided that ICFM should have a website, which could be hosted on the CBS server. However, it would have much more impact (and be easier to find) if we have out own domain.www.foodmycology.orgas suggested by Rob (if available). There is a cost associated with this (not excessive ? $US50). Shawn Johnson and Tony Williams offered sponsorship from their respective companies. We could also seek sponsorship from media making companies such as Oxoid.
Rob offered to get the site up and running, but needs material. The site could include such things as:
aims, statutes, etc
links to relevant research organisations
links to training courses (would need to be kept up to date)
abstracts from Samsø meeting
picture gallery from Samsø meeting
Manual of Methods (as discussed during the workshop – Marta and John)
ICFM needs a LOGO! to go on the website, in the Manual of Methods booklet, and any other ICFM publications/activities. Commission members and others at the workshop to be encouraged to submit ideas to Ailsa, John or Rob.
2.2Manual of methods for food mycology. Marta will present her ideas later in the workshop, but it was agreed that this Manual would be ideal for the website also, possibly as a down-loadable pdf.
3.Workshop proceedings – editors, publication schedule. Ailsa tabled a contract from Kluwer Academic / Plenum Publishing, who have agreed to publish the proceedings with the tentative title “Advances in Food Mycology.” This will be part of a series that sells well into libraries, etc. The editors will be John Pitt, Ailsa, Hocking, Ulf Thrane and Rob Samson. Rob offered to produce the final pdf files for Kluwers. The book will be camera ready and is due to be delivered to the publishers by March 2004. All contributors to the workshop have been requested to provide manuscripts to John at the workshop. The contract allows for a complimentary copy to the first author of each chapter, as well as 3 copies per editor.
4.Future of ICFM. The difficulty of staging the current workshop, after a couple of false starts, prompted this agenda item.
Rob said that one function of ICFM was to provide input to the Mycology Division of IUMS at their congresses, not just workshops. Commission members agreed that it was difficult to get sponsors for workshops. This current workshop was small due partly to difficulty in obtaining funding, and also due to constraints of the venue. There was discussion that perhaps ICFM should be broadened to include mycotoxicologists, but the general consensus was that they are more heavily focussed on chemistry, and that the synergies were limited.
ICFM also needs to encourage use of appropriate methods in the tropics – there has been limited success in this in the past. Lack of suitable food mycology contacts in tropical countries?
IUMS 2005, San Francisco. Graham and Rob are keen for ICFM to provide ideas for a symposium at this Congress. Graham commented that he needed a symposium title and speakers soon, as he will be attending a planning meeting for IUMS in early November. We need to firm up a symposium title and list of potential speakers in the next few weeks!
5.Future meetings / workshops
It was agreed that we should hold the next ICFM workshop in Australia in 2006, in conjunction with the International Mycological Congress in Cairns in July (24-28). The workshop would probably be immediately before, or immediately after Cairns, and would preferably be held at a venue convenient to Sydney. The details of the workshop will be worked out in the forthcoming year – John, Ailsa and Graham will work on possible venues. All Commission members to provide input re theme and content of workshop. Two areas that were not covered in detail at the Samsø workshop were spoilage issues and molecular methods, both of which could attract some sponsorship support. We could also include more yeast papers.
6.Election of new Commission members. Ailsa received several nominations for new Commission members by email and further suggestions were tabled at the meeting. Three new members were elected: Dr Emilia Rico (BCN Laboratories, USA); Dr Naresh Magan (Cranfield University, UK) and Dr Ulf Thrane (Danish Technical University, Denmark). It was decided that some of the other people put forward as potential new Commission members should be invited to the next Workshop. These included Randy Clear (Canadian Grain Commission), Valerie Tournas (US FDA), Charlene Hall (Nth Dakota State U), and Italian mycotoxicologists / mycologists A. Visconti and Paola Battiliani (Catholic U Piacenza).
It was decided that the Secretary should write to Drs Larry Beuchat and Øle Filtenborg to ask them if they wished to continue as Commission members, requesting a response within 2 months. If no response was received it would be assumed that they no longer wished to continue as Commission members.
7.Election of office bearers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer). John Pitt indicated that he wished to retire as Chairman of the Commission. One Commission member had proposed Jens Frisvad as Chairman, but Jens declined. Ailsa Hocking was elected as Chairman, John Pitt (reluctantly) as Secretary, and Rob Samson was re-elected as Treasurer.
8. Any other business.
Tony raised the issue of ICFM entrée into Codex. It would be really useful to be able to influence food mycology decisions in Codex. John said that Australia has some representation in the system, and that we could potentially use ICMSF as a way of influencing Codex.
Rob thanked John as outgoing Chairman for all the work he had put into getting the Commission off the ground, and his persistence in keeping it going. These comments were endorsed by other Commission members.

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