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xavierDr. Cabañes is Full Professor, Head of the Veterinary Mycology Research Group and Director of the Veterinary Bacteriology and Mycology Service at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He teaches Microbiology and Mycology in the Veterinary and Food Science and Technology Degrees. His research interests focus primarily on fungi that cause infection and mycotoxin-producing fungi. He is Co-editor in chief of Ibero-American Journal of Mycology, editor of Medical Mycology, member of the Editorial Board of the Mycotoxin Research and Current Opinion in Food Science journals and (co-)authored >180 papers in peer-reviewed journals. As far as Food Mycology research area is concerning, he is currently deepening the study of Ochratoxin A (OTA) regulation and biosynthesis mechanisms using genomic techniques and the OTA biocontrol.

More info: https://webs.uab.cat/svbm/