Provisional program

The programme is still under development and the organization is happy to invite you to submit an abstract for a presentation. Updates of the programme will be given on this page.

Saturday, July 16 2022
Arrival & get together.

Sunday, July 17 2022
Welcome and Introduction
• Session 1: Biodiversity and new taxonomic insights of fungi, with focus on Aspergillus, Penicillium and other food associated genera.
• Session 2: Novel processing methods to reduce fungal spoilage (e.g. activated water, plasma, UV, ozone, sanitation).

Monday, July 18, 2022
• Session 3: Mycotoxin and food spoilage reduction (e.g. biocontrol, preservatives, mode of action).
• Session 4: Physiology of (emerging) mycotoxins and mycotoxigenic fungi.
• Session 5: Genomics, genetics and molecular biology of food fungi.
Poster session
ICFM member meeting (for ICFM committee members)

Tuesday July 19, 2022 (until 12:30 h)
• Session 6: New methods for detection, identification and typing of fungi and their mycotoxins (e.g. metagenetics, qPCR, MALDI-TOF MS).
• Session 7: Modelling of fungal growth (e.g. predictive models, applications).
• Session 8: Open topics on food mycology.
Wrap up and farewell