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1. Definition. The International Commission on Food Mycology (ICFM) is a Commission of the Mycology Division of the International Union of Microbiological Societies (hereafter IUMS Mycology Division).

2. Membership. Membership of the Commission is by invitation of the Commission. Membership shall be limited to experts in food mycology or such other persons who in the opinion of the Commission are able to provide significant information about the field of Food Mycology on a continuing basis. Membership shall be limited to 15 persons, coming from no fewer than six countries. Any member may make a proposal to invite a new member: the decision to issue an invitation shall be decided by a vote of members. The Executive may appoint Consultants to assist with the work of the Commission at any time, for any period.

3. Termination of membership. A member may resign at any time by written communication to the Secretary. Any individual's membership may be terminated at any time by a simple majority vote of members, the purpose of this statute being to exclude continuing membership from those not actively participating in the Commission's work.

4. Executive. The Executive shall consist of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer, elected from within the membership. Executive positions shall be held until such time as elections are called for, at the request of any member in writing to the Secretary. Upon such a request, the Secretary shall call for nominations for all Executive positions, and arrange a ballot for such positions, to be held within four calender months of the initial request. Voting may be by postal ballot or at a formal meeting.

5. Responsibilities. The Chairman in association with the Vice-Chairman shall be responsible for the Commission's work program. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping minutes of formal meetings, for other record keeping, and for informing IUMS Mycology Division of the Commission's activities. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the Commission's finances, and shall submit a balance sheet as required to the Commission.

6. Governance. The Commission shall be bound by the Statutes of IUMS Mycology Division.

7. Aims. The aims of the Commission are (1) to improve and standardise methods for isolation, enumeration and identification of fungi in foods; (2) to promote studies of the mycological ecology of foods and commodities; (3) to interact with regulatory bodies, both national and international, concerning standards for mycological quality in foods and commodities; (4) to support regional initiatives in this area. The Commission further aims to extend understanding of the principles and methodology of food mycology in the scientific community by publishing its findings, and by sponsoring meetings, specialist workshops, courses and sessions dealing with aspects of its work.

8. Finance. The Commission has the right to raise funds and to administer those funds as it sees fit, for its own purposes, as a nonprofit organisation bound by the statutes of IUMS.

9. Publications. The Commission has the right to publish any or all of its deliberations, studies or findings, as it sees fit. Members or consultants may publish work sponsored by the Commission only with Commission approval, by majority vote, and shall suitably acknowledge Commission support. Neither of these statements shall be construed as hindering research or publication on any area of Food Mycology by individual members of the Commission where such research or publication does not impinge on areas specifically under study by the Commission. However, the Chairman or Secretary of the Commission shall be informed by members where such research does impinge on Commission studies.

10. Formal meetings. A formal meeting of the Commission is defined as a meeting over which the Chairman or Vice-Chairman presides or, in their absence, an Acting Chairman is appointed by the Members present, minutes are taken, and voting procedures used. A formal meeting may be held at any time when five or more members are together, provided that all Commission members have been advised in advance in writing of such a meeting.

11. Voting. Voting on any matter related to the Commission may be taken by post, in which case a decision will be made by a simple majority of members who return a vote to the Secretary by a date nominated by the Secretary; or at a formal meeting, as defined in Statute 10, again by a simple majority vote of members present and proxies received from absent members. In these Statutes, voting is governed by the provisions of this statute.

12. Disbanding. The Commission may be disbanded (1) by simple majority vote of members either by post or at a formal meeting; or (2) by a constitutional and valid motion from IUMS Mycology Division to order disbanding. In the event of disbanding, all property of the Commission shall become the property of IUMS Mycology Division.

13. Alteration of Statutes. The Statutes may be emended by a simple majority vote of members, under the voting conditions defined in Statute 11.